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Pahkluu TENS stimulaator valu vastu Beurer


Pahkluu valu leevendamiseks ja ravimiseks. Kasutamisel pole vaja kasutada eraldi kontaktgeeli ega elektrode, sest seadme sees olevad on spetsiaalselt voolujuhtivast süsinikmaterjalist. 4 programmi, displei, muudetav intensiivsus, taimer, akunäidik.


ENG: The TENS device can be used for pain on the ankle and provides pain relief with 4 pre-programmed applications. Application is comfortable thanks to the body-fitting, ergonomic shape.

Pain therapy (TENS)
For use in combating pain in the ankle
2 wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material
No contact gel or replacement electrodes required (water contact electrodes)
Ankle cuff (adjustable with hook and loop fastener)
Comfortable, ergonomic shape
Ankle circumference: approx. 18 - 31 cm
4 pre-programmed applications
Operating element with LCD display and handy belt clip
Adjustable intensity
Countdown timer
Safety switch-off
Cuff can be washed by hand
Medical device EM27
Low battery indicator